Paints-Coatings and Constructions Binders

As ALV; We produce acylic polymer emulsions for Paint, Coating and Construction Chemicals products. Our polymer emulsions improve processability and technical performance in the building sector. Our product range including pure acrylics and styrene acrylics is of superior quality; It is used in the production of erasable, glossy paint, primer, coating, crack fillings, sealants and ceramic adhesives. All of our products are environmentally friendly products that are produced in accordance with global and local production and environmental regulations. Thanks to our R & D and UR-GE team specialized in acrylic polymers, we provide customer-based service by providing special products for your applications.

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Other Key Textile Auxiliary Chemicals

ALV; It also manufactures highly efficient synthetic thickeners that offer high technology reverse emulsion for paint, textile and coating applications. Our thickeners provide the desired rheology properties in textile pigment and reactive and dispersed printing applications.

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Textile Printing Binders and Thickeners

We provide high technology and efficient product supply for fabric coating, lamination and pigment printing applications for the textile sector we have been serving for many years. Thanks to the high technology we use, our products are perfectly adapted to your new trends and applications in the textile industry. In this way, we are not only a supplier for our customers, but we also add value to all our customers as business partners. As ALV, we closely follow and apply all local and international regulations with the importance we attach to the environment, ecology and sustainability.

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