Paint, Coating And Construction Binders

As ALV Kimya; we produce acrylic polymer for paint, coating and construction chemicals products …


Other Key Textile Auxiliary     Chemicals

Highly efficient synthetic thickeners that offer high technology reverse emulsion for textile ındustry …


Textile Printing Binders and Thickeners

We provide high technology and efficient product supply for carpet back coating, fabric coating …


ALV Kimya; aims to be a global brand that supports high-quality and high-performance products with an experienced, professional team and high-technology production facility equipped with a full automation system that serves the construction chemicals and the textile sector.

ALV Kimya, which has been serving in the chemical sector for more than twenty years, manufactures polymer emulsions and special chemicals used in construction, paints, coatings and the textile industry in its 17.000 m2 closed area in Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey. Our production facility has an annual production capacity of 45.000 tons and is followed up with a full automation system from raw material entry to the final production moment.


As ALV Kimya, our primary target is; to create sustainable value by continuously improving our product and service quality.

In order to achieve this goal, our principles are;

  • In the products and services we provide; to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, manage customer feedback effectively, eliminate non-value-added transactions, make timely deliveries with effective use of resources and establish a quality management system that aims to continuously improve,
  • to closely follow and apply technological developments in order to increase the profitability and efficient use of resources,


Acrylic polymer

After the obligation of thermal insulation in the new buildings in the 2000s, the construction chemicals industry growth accelerated rapidly. In the last 5 years, waterproofing has also gained importance with the effect of the relevant regulations. In addition, global natural, sustainable and hygiene trends in building designs have been affecting interior and exterior applications.

For example, the increase in the consumption of ceramic and granite coverings (larger size and porcelain), which are natural, hygienic, easily produced and therefore widespread materials, have led to an increase in the variety of products used with ceramic/granite applications and a higher performance expectation.


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