About Us

About Us

ALV Kimya; aims to be a global brand which supports high quality and high performance products with experienced,profesional team and high technology production facility which is equipped with full automotion system serves for construction chemicals and textile sector.

ALV Kimya, which has been serving in the chemical sector for more than twenty years, manufactures polymer emulsions, pigments and special chemicals used in construction, paint, coating, non-woven surfaces, paper and textile industry in its 17.000 m2 closed area in Çorlu, Tekirdağ, Turkey. Our production facility has an annual production capacity of 45.000 tons and is followed up with full automation system from raw material entry to final production moment.

Our production facilities have R & D, Quality Control laboratories and warehouses. In the production center, there is a waste system that protects human health, an environmentally sensitive production structure and an improved fire protection system. Our export, marketing, financial affairs, finance and logistics operations are conducted from the head office in Istanbul.

As ALV Kimya, we aim to represent our country with high value-added products in the developing world by improving the quality of life with our products.

We add value to our business partners by increasing the quality of our products with our superior service understanding and R & D and Quality Control Engineers specializing in Binders. Thanks to the value we create, we supply products to more than 20 countries, especially in Asia, Africa and Europe.

We are taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand by continuously expanding our product supply network.

Main sectors we serve

  • Build,
  • Paint,
  • Coating,
  • Textile,
  • Digital printing,
  • Nonwovens,
  • Carpet,
  • Paper

While keeping the quality standarts at highest level we ALV Kimya is aiming to congried an healty and sustainable suply chain for our precious customers with optional product range with reasonable prices.